Thursday, 18 February 2016

Ethiopia at Expo 2016 Antalya

East African countries of Ethiopia, Turkey's first participation in EXPO EXPO 2016 was a signatory to the agreement to take place in Antalya. Ethiopia Country Woldegeri to Tesfa Alem Commissioner of EXPO 2016 will be participation from many different countries in trade, economic, social and says that allowing political sharing. EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency Secretary General Kazim Aydin is the political and economic developments between Turkey and Ethiopia mentioned that increased with each passing day. 
Cutting gained importance in recent years in the flower growing and exporting flowers of many European countries as Ethiopia, will introduce the EXPO 2016 in cut flowers.Ethiopia Country Commissioner Livestock Woldegeri to Tesfa, Ethiopia Tourism Organisation Authorized Solomon Tadesse, Ethiopian Ambassador to Ayalew Gobez to Workneh and Ethiopian Honorary Consul of the Ethiopian delegation consisting Bulent hammer, ride on the Aksu to sign the EXPO 2016 participation contract 121 acres EXPO 2016 He came to the Exhibition Grounds. The delegation from the Director of Projects and Works received information about the EXPO 2016 project.
After the presentation, Commissioner Ethiopia Country Woldegeri to Tesfa Alem and the EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency Secretary General Kazim Aydin Ethiopia signed the participation contract.Secretary General Kazim Aydin, because of Ethiopia's participation in the EXPO 2016 in Ethiopia country before Commissioner thanked the Government of Ethiopia. Ethiopia and Turkey's trade relations especially mentioned that increased with each passing day since the 2000s EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency Secretary General Kazim Aydin, "Our trade relations in the 2000s is 25-30 million dollars at the moment our relations are reached about 500 million dollars . This political and economic development of our country Ethiopia shows that together give much importance. Our country has opened the first in Africa to Ethiopia in the TIKA office. Ethiopia to attend the EXPO 2016 will contribute greatly to this field of commercial and political development. Make this garden will of the Turkish people and visitors coming to the area I think it will make a major contribution to the recognition of the Ethiopian culture, "he said. 
After the signing ceremony, the Secretary-General Aydin, Ethiopia Country Commissioner Tesfu EXPO 2016 to commemorate the day of the peony flower symbol was presented.Following the signing of the participation agreement Ethiopian delegation EXPO 2016 made observations in the Exhibition Grounds. EXPO 2016 will become operational in 2 months after striking Ethiopia Country Commissioner of Livestock Woldegeri to Tesfa said;"Flower of our country, we will introduce some cut flowers in the expo. You know many people here and participate will have the opportunity to see them. These cut flowers come from Ethiopia. First, different countries come here. It made them very different structures in the area is very impressive. You invite them here so many different countries and will provide a great contribution in terms of meeting social cooperation and the kids will benefit from it. This world will have an opportunity to improve relations between peoples. Ideas will be shared. Commercial, economic, social, political will many shares. "

Ethiopia EXPO 2016 crops grown talent in drawing attention to the opportunity to introduce the world Tesfa, "I think this sense, the EXPO will be a very good opportunity. EXPO will create a major opportunity for countries wishing to share with the world the things they grew. We are one of these countries. So we will have the opportunity to introduce to the world what we grow themselves, "he said.

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