Monday, 22 February 2016

EXPO 2016 Passes AIPH January Inspection Report

Tim Briercliffe, Secretary General of AIPH (International Association of Horticultural Producers) that inspects EXPO and makes recommendations to BIE (International Exhibitions Bureau) as to where EXPOs will be organized, submitted the January inspection report for EXPO 2016. Briercliffe, stating his pleasure in the report about construction and plantation works, stated that he was also impressed with security measures.

The report says that "building works are progressing very well and most are on track to achieve their completion deadlines. The buildings have been constructed to a very high standard and are clearly permanent structures. Each building is appropriate for the site and will help to make this place very special."

Briercliffe, stating his positive opinions on Exhibition area and noting that trees planted on the field are adapting well, included these comments in the report:

"The tree areas that have already been planted have established well and the under-planting, including grass, helps to make this site look more established ... I was pleased to hear that all plants for the site have now been procured and those awaiting planting are being kept in holding nurseries."

Briercliffe stated his gratification that EXPO 2016 is collaborating with EXPO expert Sven Stimac. "You are currently predicting approximately 8 million visits from around 4 million visitors. I am pleased that you are working with Expo Consultant, Sven Stimac, on these issues as he has extensive experience on planning such events and can guide you regarding the infrastructure you require.”

In the report, Briercliffe reviewed work on visitor traffic in the area and the plans prepared to ensure security for visitors.

Briercliffe's report includes warnings about timely completion of rail system and parking lots.

The final progress report before the opening will be submitted to AIPH in March.

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