Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Kazakhstan also wants to take part in Expo 2016 Antalya

Kazakhstan Vice Consul in Antalya Neriman Moldabekov EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency Secretary General visited the Deputy Sengul Mujahideen. Meldebekov, Kazakhstan EXPO they want to take place in 2016, saying that the ongoing diplomatic work for it, "We really want to take part in this project and we are doing our best," he said.

121 thousand acres in Aksu, who visited the exhibition in Kazakhstan Nariman Meldebekov Vice Consul in Antalya EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency met with Deputy Secretary General Mujahid Sengul. On April 23, "Flowers and Children" theme of EXPO 2016 project, which will open its doors and the information about the area Meldebekov, Kazakhstan and Turkey's historical, cultural and spiritual ties, he noted that it is very strong. Meldebekov, "Turkey, which is the first expo EXPO 2016 in Kazakhstan, we are also willing to take our place and build our country garden. Kazakhstan should be involved in this project. We continue our diplomatic work for it, "he said.

EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency Deputy Secretary General Mujahid Sengul stating they are happy to participate in the EXPO 2016 in Kazakhstan, said that this participation will contribute to put relations between the two countries.

At the end of Kazakhstan's Vice Consul in Antalya visit Nariman Meldebekov and the EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency Deputy Secretary General of the Mujahideen were found in Sengul mutual gift presented.

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