Friday, 19 February 2016

Kuwaiti businessmen visit EXPO 2016

The owner of the largest companies in Kuwait, the Al-Kharafi family, has visited the 112-hectare EXPO 2016 site. Invited to Antalya by the Metropolitan Municipality and the Western Mediterranean Development Agency to evaluate investment opportunities, Eyad Al-Kharafi inspected the exhibition area of EXPO 2016, which preparing to open its gates on 23 April, along with businessmen from Antalya.

Mr. Al-Kharafi, the Tourism Sector President of the Al-Kharafi Group, said that EXPOs are high-profile, closely followed events. He expressed a desire to see the EXPO 2016 area during the trip to Antalya to discuss collaboration and investment opportunities. Mr. Al-Kharafi said: "We came to see the work being done here. Additionally, we wish to learn if there are any areas that we may have the opportunity to work together. This is our first visit. I am sure we will have many discussions as to the topics on which we can collaborate."

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