Monday 29 September 2014

"Expo Tower"... will be the Symbol of Expo 2016 Antalya !

Here's the nice project from two young architects... for the Antalya Expo Tower !

This tower will be the symbol of Expo 2016 Antalya, and will stay the iconoc emblem of the city for the next generations, like the Eiffel tower for the city of Paris built for the World Expo in 1889.

Congratulation for the beautiful design, and this impressive modern flower, full of sense !

The construction of this tower of 96 meters height, and 44 meters at it's larger point, will start soon.


Minister Eker stated that project competition of Expo Tower, symbol structure, was concluded and made public. Eker also says, ’52 projects were applied. Among these projects symbolizing Üçkapılar and palm trees and designed by Serdar Kızıltaş, Melike Atay; the work has been deemed suitable of winner prize. The construction of this architectural project will be started in the forthcoming days. Expo Tower will be in 96 meters tall.’

Minister Eker giving information about other works at site, “External insulation of berm was completed. Planting is going to start in September. The insulation of EXPO Lake with the size of 80 decares has been completed and the bottom of lake has been covered with brook stones. The works about connection paths in site, drainage, irrigation line are in the progress. The works of square regulation and soil masonry to the EXPO Hill are also in the progress. The work of canalization collector line has been going on. The canalization problem of Aksu will have been solved with this collector line. 5 firms, 6 construction site facilities and hundreds of workers continue to their works at site.

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