Tuesday, 20 October 2015

History - Greece at Venlo Floriade 2012

Back to Venlo in 2012, the last big Horticultural International Expo... the Floriade.

Now, we're at less of one year of the next edition in Antalya, while waiting to discover the possible participation of Greece, we propose you to return in Netherlands in 2012, to remember the Hellenic Garden.

Their adventure was started in september 2011, to be ready in time... and we must note that Venlo was the first participation of Greece in a Floriade event !

Situated in the Education & Innovation part of the Expo, the Greek project was simple at first view, but very interesting, with high value, due to the fact that was a very small team who realized this project, with very small budget, but lot of ideas, much energy and passion... Synergia Hellas Garden Team !

The Helennic Garden was constitued by five thematics poles :
  • The Cretan Palm.
  • The Mountain, Biodiversity of Greece.
  • Recycle, The Future is now, where technology meets the environment.
  • The Pond.
  • Nikiforos Vrettakos Corner (one of the leading representatives of modern Greek literature).
To learn more about this participation of Greece in Floriade 2012 :

The team of Volunteers !

A few pics from the Greek participation :

The Hellenic Garden is the Olympic Games for Nature.

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