Friday, 11 March 2016

"The Authentic Garden" at Taipei Flora Expo

We have talk about remarquable participation of Greece at the Floriade in 2012, but our friend Nikos Thymakis was also at Tapiei Flora Expo in 2010, with Mike Lagos and crucial help in3D design from Cornelius Vekkos and plant donation from Giorgos Kostelenos Olive Nurseries..

He represented Greece with a much quality project named "The Authentic Garden", for the Hellenic participation at this Expo.

He promotes stepping stones for native plants (olive tree, herbs) and soft landscaping. The Hellenic garden took finally 6th position among 31 countries.

The full theme was "The Authentic Garden : a flowering river to the new horizon"... with a clear message... planting give us a better futur while saving environment and climate ! What a good program.

Rich of around 6000 species, Lots of theme were chosen for this project, those who are the best representants of the country.
A river was created inside the Hellenic Garden, to symbolize the path of the mankind, since the more deep past.
The Olympics rings were also there, but of course... only "green" to celebrate an unity around a only one color ! And many other details as so good symbols of Greece !

After the exhibition he made the feasibility study and reports for both the Greek Government and Taipei Representative Office in Athens about establishing a Trade Office of Greece in Taiwan. (2009-2011).

What a pity there's no participation of Greece at Expo 2016 Antalya... we looking forward to see other nice realizations of Nikos Thymakis !
(do not hesitate to contact him : )

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