Thursday 29 October 2015

A new logo for Expo 2016 Antalya ?

For the moment, we don't have the confirmation, but it seems that a new logo will be now used for Expo 2016 Antalya... even if we appreciated much the previous logo, very flourished, colored and fun, the new one seems more "EXPO", but anyway very colored.

It's of course a very good news, and more especially a further evidence of the will to achieve a major Expo next year in Antalya.

Just remains us to wait the confirmation, and to discover the final version of this beautiful logo !

AIPH elects new president... Bernard Oosterom

27 October 2015

The International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) has elected Bernard Oosterom as its new President. The announcement is made following the 67th Annual Congress held in Stresa, Italy, last week.

As a potted plant grower and board member of several organisations within the ornamental sector, Bernard Oosterom, from The Netherlands, has been involved in international cooperation across the horticultural industry for many years.

He is Chairman of the Dutch Council for Cooperatives (NCR), Chairman of the Dutch Flower Auctions Association (VBN), Chairman of the Supervisory Board of FloraHolland and has been Vice-President of AIPH and Chairman of the AIPH Novelty Protection Committee for the last three years. His past roles include being a Board Member of the Flower Council in Holland (BBH).

Commenting on his election Bernard Oosterom said, “AIPH is and wants to be an organisation of and for growers and growers associations. From that perspective I’m honored to be the next president of AIPH. Together with our staff and all of you involved I’m sure that we can move AIPH in the right direction in the coming years.”

Amongst his aims for AIPH are to make it a global resource for promoting Green Cities, promoting international horticultural exhibitions, collating and disseminating data and information on the international ornamental horticultural industry, and further developing the association’s valuable network.

He added, “I will do my utmost to serve AIPH and help growers worldwide to strengthen their businesses and their added value to the world.”

Bernard Oosterom replaces Vic Krahn from Canada who has served as President since 2012. Commenting on Vic Krahn’s past leadership he said, “On behalf of all our members and myself I’d like to express our thanks for your inspiring leadership, inspiration, commitment and of course friendship.”

Vic Krahn was presented with the prestigious AIPH Gold Medal in recognition for his services to AIPH over many years.

During the Congress Tim Edwards from the United Kingdom, was elected as the second AIPH Vice-President alongside Professor Qixiang Zhang from China.  Also Gijs Kok, Director of Corporate Affairs at FloraHolland in The Netherlands, has joined the AIPH Board as a representative of his region.

For full details of the AIPH Board see

Happy 92nd Year of Republic of Turkey !

Peace at Home, Peace in the World

Source Gallica
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Friday 23 October 2015

To promote Expo 2016 Antalya, Turkey gives Italians hundred thousand tickets

To promote the event, Antalya Expo 2016 has chosen to partner with the World Expo Commissioners Club (WECC), which will among other things to look for adhesions between the countries in the world interested in participating in the Expo of Antalya with them and to entrust the distribution of tickets to Alessandro Rosso Group, already the first dealer in the Expo 2015 Milano, which will give a ticket Expo 2016 Antalya to all those who, through its website, buy a ticket for Expo 2015 demonstrating to be "Expo Lovers".

The package proposed by the initiative will be 1 + 1 + Antalya 2016: Buy one adult ticket open dates for Expo 2015, the second is a gift and in addition you will have 1 ticket for Antalya Expo 2016

(EXPO 2016 ANTALYA - Antalya Expo 2016 will take place between 23 April and 30 October 2016)

Starting from the philosophy of "green life for future generations," the Expo theme of Antalya is "Flowers and Children". History, biodiversity, sustainability and green city are under themes. The area (1,121 hectares) on which the event will be presented areas where participants can exhibit their culture of gardening and other areas such as:
  • Tower Expo which is inspired by the ancient Hadrian's Gate of the Roman era, an important symbol of Antalya
  • Museum of Agriculture on Biodiversity Turkey
  • A conference center for 9,500 people
  • Two amphitheatres 1500 and 5000 people
  • Islands with activities for children
  • Rural areas for family events
  • Terraces shaped peony (symbol of Expo 2016)
  • Lake, hills, forests
  • Restaurants inspired by the architecture of the Turkish houses

The event will also be an important international platform for addressing global environmental problems such as global warming, ecological agriculture, biodiversity conservation, sustainability and food security. It will also offer the opportunity for participating countries to promote themselves through an international garden visited by millions of visitors from around the world; international gardens that will be a permanent investment promotion for the city of Antalya, Turkey.

Thursday 22 October 2015

Şakayık Terrace / 3D visualization

"Şakayık" Terrace as one of the EXPO Lake coastal structure falls into step with its peony form.

Tuesday 20 October 2015

History - Greece at Venlo Floriade 2012

Back to Venlo in 2012, the last big Horticultural International Expo... the Floriade.

Now, we're at less of one year of the next edition in Antalya, while waiting to discover the possible participation of Greece, we propose you to return in Netherlands in 2012, to remember the Hellenic Garden.

Their adventure was started in september 2011, to be ready in time... and we must note that Venlo was the first participation of Greece in a Floriade event !

Situated in the Education & Innovation part of the Expo, the Greek project was simple at first view, but very interesting, with high value, due to the fact that was a very small team who realized this project, with very small budget, but lot of ideas, much energy and passion... Synergia Hellas Garden Team !

The Helennic Garden was constitued by five thematics poles :
  • The Cretan Palm.
  • The Mountain, Biodiversity of Greece.
  • Recycle, The Future is now, where technology meets the environment.
  • The Pond.
  • Nikiforos Vrettakos Corner (one of the leading representatives of modern Greek literature).
To learn more about this participation of Greece in Floriade 2012 :
The team of Volunteers !

A few pics from the Greek participation :

The Hellenic Garden is the Olympic Games for Nature.

Friday 9 October 2015

Lyon Horticole magazine !

Expo 2016 Antalya and Roses from Isparta honored by French journalist Pierrick Eberhard in the magazine LYON HORTICOLE Nr 688

Pierrick Eberhard is a journalist, writer, garden specialist. 

Rainforest Conservatory pavilion / 3D visualization

Rainforest Conservatory offers visitors a pleasant experience with a crystal architecture and observation terrace.

Monday 5 October 2015

Antalya... "5 Bloom Gold" !!!

Antalya, for its first participation to the international competition "Communities in Bloom", wins a "Five golden flowery city" award !

On October 3rd 2015, the 21st Edition of the Communities in Bloom National & International Awards Ceremonies were held in Kamloops, British Columbia, honouring municipalities across Canada, the United States, Asia and Europe.
Communities in Bloom is a Canadian non-profit organization committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification through community involvement and the challenge of a national program, with focus on the enhancement of green spaces in communities.
National Chair Bob Lewis–“On behalf of the National Committee, Judges and Sponsors – sincerely thanks and congratulates all those involved in the program: their efforts are making our communities better places to live in, to work in ...and to visit.”

Congratulations to Goderich, Ontario and Antalya, Turkey – the first 5 Blooms - Gold communities !

Antalya, Turkey "5 Bloom Gold"
Antalya, provincial capital of Eponymous, is the eight most populous city in Turkey. The City which takes its place at the top of the flower production league in Turkey, has taken an important step with the “Blooming Antalya” project and Expo 2016 will demonstrate that Antalya is a true universal green capital.
Antalya’s beautification program results are stunning. The overall effect of the Citrus trees planted through the streets, Bougainvilleas and Wisterias decorating facades, and palm trees along the boulevards…all are very impressive. The symbol of Antalya is the Orange, it’s everywhere in the City and always ready to pick from trees along the streets!

Friday 2 October 2015

EXPO 2016 Antalya... Isparta's Roses ! #10

Isparta ... and Roses ...

Here following the familiarization trip to Expo 2016 Antalya and everything related to the interests of this beautiful part of the Turkish Riviera. After to have discovered the Expo site, discussed in detail at the first event day, official visits on the second day, it's time to explore one of the treasures of this region, the flowers, especially roses, those that make the happiness of the greatest perfumers of Grasse, and of course, their clients. Departure early morning to the region of Isparta, 1h30 north of Antalya.

To enter directly into the heart of the subject, our first step will be a field of production of the famous roses, in the mountains. We are fortunate to arrive in full harvest, where operates a family, which explains their method of harvesting. Impressive and fragrant, in a beautiful landscape, really appreciated. Day without school, children of the family are also there to give a helping hand to their parents in a hardworking and friendly atmosphere.

Then we hit the road, towards a cooperative treatment petals of roses harvested. Luck is on our side, it's the festival of the Rose in the city and in Gülbirlik, one of the largest producers and exporters of rose oil in the world (6 cooperatives 8000 rose growers, 4 production sites rose oil, 2 solide production sites).

We are welcomed for a fascinating guided tour of this distillery. We begin by exploring the museum part of this cooperative, which still has an old boiler the last century and old equipment, which have of course been replaced over the years by equipment at the top. But in principle, little has changed, and the extraction of rose oil this always takes place in a traditional and manual way.

Rose Oil.
Rose oil, which is one of the most important and costly raw materials of the perfume and cosmetics industry, is produced by boiling pink roses using the vapor distillation method.
Rose oil of world standard quality is obtained from roses grown in Isparta and its outlying regions located at an altitude of 1050m above sea level and higher. The production season for rose oil commences in May and ends in June when the roses are picked and taken into immediate processing.

Rose Oil Production.
Rose flowers, which are collected evey day in the early morning hours are prepared for processing in 500 kg bundles. Each bundle is then place in boilers filled with 500 litres of water. The covers of the boilers are closes and steam dictillation with a pressure of 2-3 atmosphères is initiated. The condensed oily water is distillated through a thermostat for 70-80 minutes at a temperature of 30-35 degrees. This process is called the first distillation.

We leave Gülbirlik towards another distillery ... but on the way, we stop for a meal in the yurt of a nomadic family, turned into a restaurant. This stop is really appreciated by all, and we can enjoy many traditional dishes, each more delicious than each other, with a homely feeling, but warm and friendly. Everyone agrees that this is one of the best meals of our trip, thanks to its authenticity.


It's time continuing our visits, in a distillery, this time in full operation, allowing us to see these modern materials, where premium stainless steel. The men are at work, we see filling the boiler with pink, a very physical operation under high heat. We are attentive spectators of the slow extraction of the oil of pink, yellow like gold. It's with great pride that we receive explanations for this particular job, and the production of Rose Oil.

This distillery was the last stop of the day, we take the road towards Antalya ... and our hotel.
To be continued…