Thursday, 27 November 2014

Flower Show Turkey 2014 - Istanbul

Flower Show Turkey 2014 - The Great Meeting at 27 - 30 November 2014

The Largest Trade Fair of Plants Sector in Eurasia
Istanbul Fair Center 9-10-11 Halls Yeşilköy / Istanbul

Why you should visit :
Flower Show Turkey – the place to see new products, new innovations, new suppliers and make new business! The Flower Show Turkey/Eurasia Plant Fair 2014, will be the region’s largest trade event for the professional horticultural and floricultural sector attracting hundreds of suppliers showcasing thousands of products. There is no more convenient location to view and compare a wide range of international and local products, meet new suppliers and negotiate the best deals for your business.  NEW MARKETS, NEW OPPORTUNITIES With nearly 300 exhibiting companies from across the globe, visitors will have a unique opportunity to view a comprehensive range of the very latest offerings from the leading international and local suppliers. Visitors will be able to view and compare. If you want to keep up to date on the latest trends, new innovations, new suppliers and new opportunities, then attending Flower Show Turkey 2014 is a must. Increase your competitive edge at the Flower Show Turkey 2014 Strategically located in Istanbul, a trading hub where East-meets-West, the Flower Show Turkey is a dynamic and forward-looking fair which is home to thousands of new and innovative products which can provide your business with that all important competitive edge.

Be first to see new trends in the horticulture/floriculture sector and be the number one choice to meet that growing demand. The Flower Show Turkey/Eurasia Plant Fair 2014 can further improve your competitive performance by
• Enabling you to view a diverse range of products
• Meet many new suppliers
• Compare prices
• Compare quality
• Improve profit margins
• Learn about new market trends and how to adapt your sales and marketing strategies
• Through face-to-face contact, tailor your new agreements to suit your future purchasing needs … and much more

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