Friday, 6 February 2015

History - Expo 1904 Saint-Louis... Floral Clock - Palace of Agriculture

One of t he novelties of the Exposition was the Floral Clock. Its great dial, 112 feet in diameter, was laid out in flowers and plants of bright foliage, and as it was located on a slope, in front of t he Palace of Agriculture, it was visible from great distances. Its minute hand, 74 feet long and weighing 2,700 pounds, moved five feet every minute.

The machinery to drive this clock was a singular one. There was a small clock work which every minute set in motion a compressed air piston that in its turn moved the hands of the Floral Clock.
The hours and half hours were struck on a bell weighing 5,000 pounds. The same small clock also rever sed every hour and hour -glass which held 100 pounds of sand, ancl it turned a terrestrial globe once in twenty-four hours.

The Palace of Agriculture covered an area of twentv-five acres. In its central nave exhibits of corn, cotton , sugar, rice and tobacco were shown. There was a model creamery, using 5,000 pounds of milk a clay, ancl all the latest agricultural implements and machinery.

Palace of Agriculture.

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