Wednesday 26 August 2015

EXPO 2016 Antalya... the accommodation ! #6

It's time to take back our history, and to return to this familiarization trip to Antalya and this Expo 2016 very promising.
But when we say "visit the Expo", it also means to visit the country, discover, enjoy its attractions and charms at any level. There's the culture, history, entertainment, etc. But we must also think about the accommodation.

As already mentioned, the coast of the Antalya region it's more than 200 kms of paradisiacal coasts, it's why that part of south Turkey is called the "Turkish Riviera" (which extends over a thousand kilometers) ... it's unequivocally a good life and paradise coasts await us.

So hotels are not lacking, and many of them display a rather high standard, for most "Resort Hotels", in all-inclusive, allowing to devote us to holidays and various activities since such is the purpose!

During our stay, we had the pleasure to enjoy two different hotels. The first hosting us was the Calista Luxury Resort in Belek. Located 27 kms from the airport and 35 kms from Antalya, it's placed automatically in the category of high-standard hotels, in Turkey and also all over the world.

The overall design of the place struck by its originality. Composed of independent cylindrical buildings, as many satellites (and even villas), orbiting the main globe, headquarters of the reception, the main restaurant and lobby. Displays the status of five star hotel offers everything that one is entitled to expect, both in the service of the main benefits

It's certainly a perfect place of dream, able to comfortably complete a few days of visits at Expo 2016 Antalya, and enjoy its various services, swimming pools, sea ... and visit the beautiful region of Antalya. Thank you for this wonderful experience!.

For more informations, Website of Calista Luxury Resort :

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