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Lauching of Antalya in bloom project...

2015, May 16

Türel : "Antalya will bloom"

At the launching of “Antalya in Bloom” project, Antalya Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Menderes Türel underlined that city will have a new center of attraction. Hence, he said “Antalya will bloom with this project.” Kaleiçi (Old Town), with its historic fabric will attract visitors with the scent of flowers.

Mayor Türel has pointed out that “Antalya in Bloom” is being implemented with the partnership of the Governorship of Antalya and the EXPO 2016 Agency. The event was held in Suna İnan Kıraç Museum and Research Institute of Mediterranean Civilizations in Kaleiçi (Old Town). Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Mr. Mehdi Eker, Governor of Antalya Mr. Muammer Türker, Secretary General of EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency Mr. Haşmet Suiçmez and representatives of non-governmental organizations were also present.

Minister Eker said “Antalya again is under the limelight with another important project. Here in Antalya, we can see the ruins of Lycians, Romans, Byzantines, Seljukians, Ottomans and the Republic era. Antalya is the very center of history, agriculture and tourism. We are striving for creating a more vital city here. It is our duty to preserve the historical heritage of the city and leave it to the next generations.”

Antalya will win the competition with this project

Minister Eker also noted that “Now we are taking part in the Communities in Bloom competition. It is a very challenging international competition. This is a project undertaken in close cooperation with EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency. I hope that this project which I attach much importance will win the competition”

Communities in bloom

Mayor Türel stated that “Communities in Bloom is a Canada-based competition, started by a non-governmental organization. The aim is to encourage the ‘greening’ of the city with the active involvement of the community. Flower culture will further develop and a vibrant movement will start for a ‘greener’ Antalya. Antalya will polish its historical fabric with the scent of flowers. By participating in this competition, we are also attracting attention to the preparations for EXPO 2016 Antalya. We cannot have the EXPO 2016 Antalya without the streets and houses of Antalya in bloom. This is also befitting to the theme of ‘flowers and children’.”

We hope to win the competition in september

Türel thanked the partners of the project and added, “We submitted our application for the competition. The Jury will visit Antalya in July and we hope to win the competition in September. The construction works for the project will cost 4.530.000TL(?CAD) and are expected to be finished by June.”

Mayor Türel: “In line with the project many construction works will be implemented. Hıdırlık Street and Hesapçı Street will be decorated with flowers befitting the historic fabric and facades of many buildings will be restored. Many details form flower pots to illuminations, from waterworks to sitting benches are planned. Elements as a chamois sculpture, a historic water well and monumental trees are also part of the project. We will offer an unforgettable experience to the public with laser mapping shows that will be projected to the historical Hıdırlık Tower. For protecting the historical heritage of Kaleiçi (Old Town), Hıdırlık Tower and Tophane City Walls will go under restoration. The City Culture and Tourism Directorate will open the doors of Ethnography Museum in January.”

Culture and art will live in the streets

Mayor Türel remarked that culture, art and nature will live in Kaleiçi streets once the project is completed: “Workshops about nature will be organized in Karaalioğlu Park and this park will be turned into a botanic park. With the participation of children, tree planting activities and landscaping competitions will be organized. You will see men and women wearing the costumes of the past, depicting the way how the people lived in Antalya walking in the streets. We will have a chance to come across a merchant from Perge, a Byzantine soldier, a Seljukian woman, an Ottoman Sultan and people from the first era of the Turkish Republic. Also on a stage built in the area, entertaining performances will be held bringing joy and dynamism.

Magnificent sunset to be enjoyed from a glass terrace

Mayor Türel announced the construction of a glass terrace with an overview of the marina: “We will create a nice ambiance there with musical performances at the sunset. We believe that we will attract a lot of attention with laser mapping shows on the Hıdırlık Tower. By doing so, we also aim to increase the awareness of such a unique historical heritage as the Hıdırlık Tower. For this project a logo is designed representing the sun, historical fabric and nature of Antalya. The website is being built to give information about the project and the cultural activities.”

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