Thursday 12 November 2015

Netherlands will establish a "green city" garden at Expo 2016 Antalya

Tulip breeding world floricultural industry front-ranked Netherlands, EXPO 2016 continues to work on the subject of participation in Antalya. Netherlands delegation consisting of representatives from Government and the private sector, came to the EXPO 2016 Antalya Convention Center.

Netherlands Embassy Agriculture Counsellor of the Embassy of the Netherlands Deputy Mehmet Uğur warmed up, Consulting Chimedza landscape architects Niek Roozen and Noortje Netherlands Henk Westerhof Horticulture Board of Trade Representative with Buddingh and Honorary Consul of the Netherlands consists of the Netherlands delegation of War Exacting EXPO 2016 Antalya came to the exhibition area.

EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency Deputy Secretary General is satisfied by the delegation, the project presentation of Todar Şengül then received information related to the field. Deputy Secretary General Santos, in addition to operational activities in the area carried out construction work related to the information presented.

The delegation, in addition to the participation of the country Netherlands horticulture sector is interested in closely with EXPO 2016, said Interior and garden area.

Participation in EXPO 2016 the Netherlands Government-private sector collaboration with the Netherlands Embassy Agriculture Counsellor told Mehmet Chimedza, recalling the last came a month ago in the field since then affected by the progress made in the area, he said. Chimedza, "everyone here works in a timely manner to raise really works very well. I'm very impressed with that, "he said.

Not only as a tourist region of Antalya, is a very important region in the field of garden crops pointed out that most visitors to Antalya, the Netherlands Chimedza sender countries ranking in the top 5 in stating, "Netherlands citizens here are spending their holidays. This is an opportunity for all to visit next year to come and underestimate the EXPO would like to invite you to, "he said.

A broad participation of the Netherlands in EXPO 2016 study emphasizing Chimedza, private sector participation in this field by increasing the arouse the interest in the effort.

Netherlands Gardening Board of Trade Representative Henk Westerhof is both Antalya and Turkey in terms of the Netherlands is increasingly a big importance. Westerhof speech said:

"Turkey is important from our perspective because both the seed and onion as well as garden plants in the industry is a very important market. As a result of this EXPO is very important relationships with katılımımızla 2016, I believe the Board. In my personal opinion we should not necessarily participate in EXPO 2016 because the sector will benefit a lot from it as well. "

Netherlands under the name of "green city 2016" to establish a country garden in the area providing information about landscape architects Niek Roozen, a contemporary garden more colorful flower stated that they wanted to set up that takes place. Roozen, Netherlands Pavilion was taken to the Netherlands from Turkey 400 years ago, the official said the sergileneceğini Lale. Netherlands 2-3 different types of pavilions also thousand of an exhibition of photographs of Tulip would take place, he added.

To commemorate the visit EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency delegation, Deputy Secretary General of the EXPO's symbol, guest Mücahit Şengül Peony and endemic Plants book as a gift.

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