Thursday 12 November 2015

Tanzania is also participating at Expo 2016 Antalya

Tanzania, which will open on April 23 next year EXPO 2016 signed the accession agreement to Antalya. Tanzania country Commissioner Faisal Salim Samson, however, the first time the many EXPO participated in a botanical EXPO will take place, he said. The Secretary General of the EXPO participation contract 2016 Antalya Agency P.j. Sha signed together with Tanzania between Commissioner Barry Salim Samson.

Tanzanian delegation, ornamental Antalya Exhibition area of Aksu and to sign a contract to make and review participation in the exhibition area.
Tanzania Country Commissioner Faisal Salim Samson, Chief Operating Officer Edward Rukaka and Marketing Director Davina Rukaka 121 thousand acres to the project was the presentation.
EXPO across the bridge and then to the Green Hill overlooking the delegation inspected the work. Tanzania Country Commissioner Samson, involve many EXPO and finally in Milan, stating that, "But for the first time, as the Government decided to participate in the EXPO, and a botanical garden, and how we're protecting our nature, we will introduce our culture EXPO in 2016. We are happy to be here. Our project will be different, mysterious, "he said. Samson, Turkey emphasized that they were satisfied with the invitation.

EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency Secretary P.j. Sha, Tanzania's first decision and Turkey's participation in the botanical EXPO is the first EXPO are joining more than they said they were satisfied. Secretary General Sha, "Tanzania's honored us with this decision," he said. Seth with Samson then put together the signature of the contract of participation.

Tanzanian delegation, symbol of Antalya flower ornamental Peony was presented with several gifts.

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