Thursday, 10 September 2015

EXPO 2016 Antalya... Official visits ! #7 2nd day, morning

Next steps of discovery trip about Antalya and Expo 2016 Antalya project ... (June 2015).

A second day dedicated to the various official visits, to better understand the expectations of the main initiators and partners of the International Horticultural Exposition to be held from April 23 to October 30, 2016 in Antalya.

The day begins with the Governor of the Region of Antalya, in the presence of Deputy Governor Recep Yüksel, Mr. Alaattin Özyürek of BAKA (Development Agency of Western Mediterranean) and the Honorary Consul of France in Antalya, Ahmet Erol. It's clear that the main concerns are the development of the region, particularly in terms of tourism, which nevertheless already seems to know quite a large boom.

Indeed, the Antalya region still receives about 12 million tourists per year, stronger with a high potential, yet wants to see that number grow. It is true that this large coastal region of southern Turkey has what seduced and convince tourists from all backgrounds. Already, the main advantages are the climate and the beautiful scenery. Culturally, the region is full of varied interests, various historical and ancient sites. As one can imagine, the hotel's offer is particularly important, with hundreds of luxury hotels spread along the coast.
So what are these particular expectations in terms of tourism? They pointed out to us that in recent years the French tourists are scarce ... so that Russian and German clients have developed tremendously! They advance the causes geopolitical ... it is true that some tour operators also no longer put forward travel to Turkey as there a few years ago, but it certainly is not the main cause.

One notes that these magnificent luxury hotels, five stars or more in local standards - of "Luxury Resorts" - certainly correspond to a Russian or German customers, simply to be convinced to see that they represent the majority of customers of these hotels. They look a certain idea very bling-bling luxury, in sumptuous hotels, huge, all-inclusive, with "everything at hand" and do not appear to express the need to get out of this cocoon the time of their stay. It is a proven fact that it's not what seeks the majority of potential French tourists ... for equal budget, they will certainly prefer a little less luxury, and be able to explore the country, cities and points interest, culture, history ... and go to the contact with people.
One can say that this hotel potential, that they seem so proud, does not really correspond to a French customers.

But don't worry, there's still hotels a little more traditional and close to the local life, with quality services, to enjoy every day of what this beautiful region has to offer.

Moreover, and this is the goal, it's easy to consider spending our next holidays, while combining a pleasant way, a circuit of a few days in Turkey, and to finish in Antalya, for a few days visit to Expo 2016, and some others to enjoy the area, the sun, the sea, and the cultural wealth and taste ... what to spend a pleasant stay.
M. Recep Yüksel et M. Laurent Antoine LeMog

Then we go to the City Hall of Antalya. We receive as always a very friendly welcome. It still presents the potential of Antalya, and the desire to further develop tourism and to bring back the French tourists. Itss true that the Expo 2016 Antalya can also be leveraged, but still they need to communicate more about this event.
Although the Antalya Expo 2016 is relatively well known in Turkey, this communication hardly beyond the borders of the country.

Fortunately, the fact that at the moment takes place Expo 2015 Milano widens slightly this communication to Italy and part of Europe, with the Turkey pavilion, which has to this Expo Milan, a kiosk dedicated to information about Expo 2016 Antalya ... but one thing is certain, it's not enough.

One must therefore integrate this International Exhibition in Antalya, circuitry and / or combined visits, relayed by the main actors of tourism in France, in Europe, and in the whole world, and above all, that what is corresponds to the proposed target. Also, the organization of Expo 2016 Antalya should approach a little more all the Floral and Horticultural Associations, and such events, out of Turkey, which could relay this information to their members and networks.

These few points made seem to be confirmed by Ms. Seval Yasak, Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Mayor of Antalya. There is still much work to do, but the stakes are high.

We'll know a little more in a few days. I hope to convey here the offers trips and tours including the visit of the Expo ... and above all, it's not only commercial offers, but really a convenient and adapted to visit the Expo and visit the Antalya region ... as well as all Turkey.

The next visit is in the heart of Antalya, in the local Press Club ... Antalya Gazetelicer Cemiyeti. We're cordially received by the passionate Editor in Chief, Mr Mevlüt Yeni, which makes us honors of the house ... with a visit to a small museum of the Turkish press, very interesting, with many photos "historical" rather original, old materials, etc.

Then we are received to discuss the work of the press in Antalya and Turkey, by way of preface, before going further and in detail in the subject : the International Horticultural Expo in Antalya next year. Before leaving the Press Club, Mr. Mevlüt Yeni assures me yet again its unwavering support for the Expo 2016 Antalya, but here, we don't doubt for a second!

M. Mevlüt Yeni, at left.

It's time to get to our last appointment of the morning, which is simply an airline of Turkey, Sun Express, which offers many charter or regular flights between Western Europe and the main resorts of Turkey. We were received by the Head of Marketing, Mr. Emre Bahtoglu, which reviews with us, the main qualities of this airline, modern, well equipped, offering very competitive rates, helping to make it more accessible to tourism toward Turkey.

One thing is certain, it's that different people met during this morning have one desire, the awareness and appreciation of this region of Antalya. What they want above all is to give the best image of their region, Turkey in general, and show all the positive energy they implement to promote this future event in 2016.
There is also great pride to introduce ourselves all this potential, just waiting to be exploited even more, and appreciated. So we have only one desire, return to Antalya, visit the Expo 2016 and the area.

To be continued... visits of the afternoon! where we can finally see flowers... let's not forget why we came, and the theme of the next Expo 2016 Antalya!

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