Monday, 28 September 2015

Nepal at Expo 2016 Antalya

EXPO 2016 in Nepal, which will join in Antalya, Antalya to discuss the details of the garden came to be established in the area. Nepal is famous for its monasteries and temples in the area "Smart Kids: Green Cities" theme will take place in a temple 11 meters high, all made by hand to create a garden.

Garden Director and Nepal garden Chief Birendra Bajracharya, Field Engineer Chandra Field Director with Prasad Bhatti and Inspector Chandra Kiran consisting Maharjan Nepalese delegation EXPO 2016 Antalya was introduced in Nepal Garden to be established in the area by visiting the exhibition grounds. Nepalese delegation to the EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency Deputy Secretary General met Levent Murat Advisor.

Making the presentation of Nepal Bhati yard field engineer, he pointed out that Nepal is famous for its monasteries and temples. Nepal's mountainous, hilly and is composed of a flat geographical region, also he mentioned that quite rich in terms of biodiversity. Bhatti offering project in the country garden of 3 thousand 600 square meters, "Smart Children: Green Cities" (Smart Kids: Green Cities) said they would set up a themed garden. Bhatti, "Our goal in the pavilion will establish life in Nepal, flowers, art, architecture, and to provide information about our natural resources," he said. Bhatti, all of the buildings will consist of manual labor also gave the information that started production of parts on the hand carving.

Recently living in a big earthquake in Nepal conducting wishes to get past the EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency Deputy Secretary General Levent Murat consultant closely involved with the details of the Nepalese garden. Advisor while visiting various gifts to commemorate the Nepalese delegation, the delegation of Nepal gift hat symbolizing a local consultant Everest.

Source Expo 2016 Antalya

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