Saturday, 13 February 2016

Bosnia and Herzegovina, explaining the history of the garden EXPO 2016

Bosnia and Herzegovina, "Flower and child" theme for EXPO 2016 took the decision to participate in Antalya. Bosnia and Herzegovina Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Dušan Nešković, "thanks to the EXPO 2016 flowers, children and friendship" all of them will be shared, "he said.
talks about the EXPO 2016 in Antalya between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey's accession process has been completed with a happy ending. Bosnia and Herzegovina's Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Deputy Minister Dušan Nešković, Bosnia and Herzegovina Embassy First Secretary Zeljko Vasiljevic and Bosnia and Herzegovina Foreign Trade Chamber of Export Promotion Director Enes Ališković't consisting of Bosnia and Herzegovina delegation of Antalya to discuss issues related to the EXPO 2016 Antalya participation He visited the exhibition in the town of Aksu.
First, the exhibition hall management meeting EXPO 2016 Antalya delegation promotional film shown EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency Project and Works Director made a presentation. After answering questions in the committee thousand 121 acres of land was allocated for the country to show a guest country garden.

Countries included in the description of the garden will be installed in Bosnia and Herzegovina Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Nešković, said that they were delighted to participate in the EXPO 2016. Deputy Minister Nešković, "Totally impressive. Because we have a fair this place before, we thought it was a publicity space. But after that came a great activity, but we realize that organization. It will bring together many different countries. This is something special. For us, too. I think that the economic, political, social, cultural sense, Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina will be a good opportunity to unite the whole world, "he said.
The Deputy Minister noted that the information received was very happy to discuss with people who come to the exhibition area Nešković, "with Turkey and nature, we have a lot in common as well as culture. brought here in Bosnia and Herzegovina garden will provide consultation to experts here. We took place in China in the previous expo. Contemplating joining Milano, he experienced a flood disaster in our country. And we had to transfer the resources we allocate for sure. Flowers and children will participate in the theme for the first time in an activity of this kind. Through EXPO flowers, children and friendship to share all of them I think, "he said.
Deputy Minister thanked Turkey Nešković, said they will introduce their country by an outside garden will reflect their own culture and history.

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