Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Taiwan, Orchid and Expo 2016 Antalya

The participation in the Expo 2016 Taiwan, Taiwan orchids, for children, for adults-specific toys EXPO will be in 2016. Project Manager Chih-Hui Liu, a very good investment for the future of the children ". Contemplate with orchids and bamboo flowers and we're going to be here with children, "he said.

Taiwan Floriculture Development Association (Taiwan Floriculture Development Association) with ornamental Antalya agency after bilateral contacts, Taiwan, ornamental accession process. Taiwan Floriculture Development Association project manager Chih-Hui (Helen) Liu, Project Designer Chi-Chang Tsai and expert Ya-Chin (Ivy) Wang, a delegation consisting of Ademi in Antalya EXPO 2016 in exhibition space.

Taiwan delegation first ornamental administrative building Conference Hall presentation and disclosure. Taiwan officials are also suppliers of the country garden demands will install. At the end of the meeting, Deputy Secretary General of Chih-Santos, Taiwan delegation, presented the symbol flower of ornamental Peony.

Presentation and proposal in the wake of Taiwan's delegation, three persons from 121-acre exhibit field ride. Country garden in Antalya Turkey, and especially in the happiness of doing that they are project manager Chih-Hui Liu, "we have a lot of joy to be here. Hurry over, we look forward to a given out as soon as possible. We are investing for the future here. Karmaşıklıkların, your main theme for children the world has ' learned ' is children and flowers. For us it's a very good investment for the future of children. We're waiting for a moment before the garden in front of the children, "he said.

A selection of children's toys will establish the gardens of the country noted that the project designer Chi-Chang Tsai, Taiwan's traditional "especially for children, here are three we're going to get to the game. One of them with bamboo flying toy. Taiwan's traditional when it comes to our children's garden toys they play with, and they're going to be very happy. And for adults, we offer here the orchid flower unique to Taiwan. We believe that they, too, will love it. EXPO of 2016 will be a theme of the sort of has covered, "he said.

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