Tuesday 15 March 2016

A little bit of History : Grün 80 !... Switzerland !

Grün 80 was the second Swiss exhibition horticulture and landscape management. It was held in Brülingen (Basel) from 12 April to 12 October 1980.

This environmental event has theme "Man and Nature". The land of the exhibition was extended towards Neue Welt, to the south, to the Birse, eastward. It was divided into six thematic areas: the market, the issue of land, soil and water, beautiful gardens, planting and harvesting, green university.

This area today is a popular recreational area, including the most important parts are the botanical garden, the English park, the Park "Im Grünen" organic farm and sporting facilities.

The company Migros Basel committed itself in 1980 to maintain the site for 100 years.

The Expo cost about 60 million Swiss francs and the exhibition area was 46 hectares. 13,000 trees and shrubs were planted. One of the milestones was the "Dino". The large concrete dinosaur was preserved until the beginning of 2005. It was created for the duration of the Expo, but they had to resign ourselves to the demolition because of its aging structure and the collapse danger he represented. The old Dino was then replaced by a Seismosaurus, even bigger!

Another landmark of the exhibition was the tower with mobile platform going up and down in the manner of a lift. After the Expo, the Tower was sold to the theme park Europa-Park and became Euro-Tower.

Sculpture in red-brown iron "anvil" of Bernhard Luginbühl, at the lake, also represented a landmark in this Expo, and also a symbol.

Note that Queen Elizabeth was one of three million visitors to 80 Grün!

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