Friday 25 March 2016

German “Flower and Child” garden poised for EXPO 2016

The German delegation completed their final preparations for the installation of the “Flower and Child” themed garden at EXPO 2016.

Martin Vetter, the Antalya consul of Germany who also serves as country commissioner, visited the EXPO 2016 exhibition area outside Antalya. Country Commissar Vetter met EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency Vice General Secretary Mücahit Şengul and inspected the area where they will install their garden.

Country Commissar Vetter stated their delight to be participating in EXPO 2016 and said:

“The most important message of today is our participation in EXPO. This was a last minute decision but we will showcase the botanic diversity, plants and trees of Germany to you. Additionally, we will form a garden for children with the theme of flowers and children."

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