Wednesday 16 March 2016

Fabulous Children's Island... with video mapping during the night !

Children's Island by night...

Macro cosmos, world's formation and seasons in Turkey will be displayed in video mapping on the 100 meters in diameters dome of Children's Island !

During the evening, kids and famillies will be able to enjoy the exhibition and the visual show... starting from the macro cosmos for at least 360 seconds before the world, and then to Turkey and then to the seasons and the expo goes from general to specific move towards a scenario where we have 360 ​​seconds.

Nearing the plan before we see the universe and the cosmos in the world then there are slowly zooming in Turkey and refreshing than we see ourselves in a forest in Turkey. Here we witness the passage of the seasons. 4 seasons. Spring, summer, autumn, winter passes as the theme.

After completely darkening the space, accompanied by a music video mapping show will be presented in 15 minutes, that ended with EXPO logo, 3 hours until midnight for a marvellous show.
Children's island in the sky, ground, space and underwater activities in the maib concept. 10 different alternatives workshops will be proposed to children : origami, design, paper sculptures and painting workshops to spend a pleasant day. A workshop will be able to benefit from the 40 children at the same time. Four thousand children a day on the island of children's will enjoy activities for free.

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