Monday, 29 September 2014

2014 Qingdao International Horticultural Expo... video presentation !

and remember...
Horticultural Exhibition in Qingdao, China, until October 25, 2014 !

The International Horticultural Exhibition, the highest level of specialized international expo, is also known as the International Horticultural Festival. It is the largest A1 exhibition of horticultural wonders, the integration of cultural and technological achievements, through which participating countries can learn a lot from each other. It usually lasts six months from late spring to mid-autumn. Previous International Horticultural Exhibitions were mostly held in developed European countries and the United States. In Asia, Japan hosted four Expos, i.e, Expo 1970 in Osaka, Expo 1975 in Okinawa, Expo 1985 in Tsukuba, and Expo 1990 in Tsukuba, and South Korea hosted Expo 1993 in Taejon. 2014 Expo right now is in Qingdao China.

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