Wednesday, 17 September 2014

History - Greenhouses of the World Expo 1900

Two large and beautiful symmetrical greenhouses form the Palace of Horticulture. Raised on the banks of the Seine, on the opposite bank of the Rue des Nations, they do with the varied and picturesque architecture of foreign palaces, the most charming contrast. The architect M. Ch. Gautier, managed to make the uniform construction so little artistic what usually a greenhouse, a monument of elegance and good taste. Each building consists of a nave ended with a rotunda; each side of the nave runs a secondary bay plus a row of small pavilions, the effect on the outside is very happy. The wall studs are lined with decorative trellises, and the four corners of each of them stands a tower, also in lattice update, very light and very graceful.

Inside greenhouses:
The Palace of Horticulture which have outside on the Seine, a picturesque estate of glass domes, are within the most magnificent greenhouses it is possible to see.
A wide central nave from a great height, supported by pillars of a nice green tint, houses temporary exhibitions of horticulture. Different varieties of plants succeed each fortnight, offering visitors a flower bed that seems resplendent palette of colors fairy.

Greenhouses terrace on the Seine:
On the right bank of the Seine, in the area between the bridge of the Invalides and the Pont de l'Alma, extends to the wonderful horticultural greenhouses, terrace which forms one of the prettiest walks of exposure. This terrace juts out over the Seine, at the bottom of the stairs leading down the embankment that separates the two floral horticulture Palace by a square where the look is wonderful. All the picturesque line foreign Palace looms in an admirable together, especially at night, illuminated by thousands of lights on both sides illuminated Seine appears as fervent Venice canals.

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