Wednesday, 10 September 2014

History - Indonesia pavilion at Venlo 2012 - Floriade

Indonesia was also at the Horticultural Expo of Venlo in 2012, and with one of the most beautiful and largest of the exhibition !

Historically, it's understandable that Indonesia takes place here a great choice.
It's location was particularly well chosen. Indeed, as the majority of the pavilions of nations, it is in the area of ​​the "World Show Stage", but also and especially at the edge of the water that is in front of the Theatre of the Floriade 2012.

It happens to be in a particularly visible the highlights in a very pleasant environment.
The name of this park to Indonesian been well chosen and is very evocative: "Indonesia - wonderful islands."
Nature, culture and horticulture are the main themes of the pavilion.

We found in the park a comprehensive panel of traditional buildings of Indonesia, including Bali, but also Javanese tower and Sumatran houses.
The garden also consists of a small lake, a waterfall and a Sawa (paddy).
A small amphitheater can showcase Indonesian traditional performances.

This park is an huge success for visitors. It's also not so surprising as in the previous Floriade, Indonesia had already been identified as the best part!

Enjoy the visit... in pictures ...

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