Thursday, 18 September 2014

International Horticultural Exposition 2014 Qingdao

The International Horticultural Exposition 2014 Qingdao is a specialized international exhibition (Category A2+B1) approved by the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH). It will be the fourth international horticultural exposition held in China, following the Kunming Expo (Category A1) in 1999, Shenyang Expo (Category A2+B1) in 2006 and Xi’an Expo (Category A2+B1) in 2011.

The Expo site is planned to cover a total area of 241 hectares, including a 164-hectare Theme Area and a 77-hectare Experience Area. The Theme Area is designed to showcase the theme of the Expo and present major exhibitions and presentations; the Experience Area is mainly for evacuating people, supplementing functions, highlighting local features, attracting more investors and exhibitors, and reserving the space for post-Expo development.

The layout of the Expo site features “two axes plus 12 gardens”. The two axes are the Flower Promenade and the Boulevard. The 12 gardens include the seven in the Theme Area, i.e., Chinese Garden, Floriculture Garden, Caogang (Herbal) Garden, Children’s Dream Garden, Science Garden, Enterprise Garden, and International Garden, and the five in the Experience Area, i.e., Tea Garden, Agriculture Garden, Flower Garden, Blossom Garden and Mountain Garden. In addition, the two reservoirs in the Expo site are named “Water from Above” and “Lake of the Earth” respectively, indicating that horticultural quintessence comes from the interactions between heaven and earth.

Theme Pavilion.

Theme Area:
The red-colored Chinese Garden is themed “Chinese Gathering, Horticultural Stage” and its layout features “auspicious cloud”. There are the gardens of exhibitors from cities of Shandong Province, other provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, as well as Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan.
The orange-colored Floriculture Garden is themed on “Flowers, Creativity, Green Ocean”. There are Indoor Plants Pavilion, Youth Design Garden, Best Gardening Experiment Zone, and Fragrance Garden. Visitors will be fully exposed to the creative aspects of a green world and the green elements in everyday life.

Botanical pavilion.

The yellow-colored Caogang (Herbal) Garden is themed on “Grateful to Nature, A Dialogue with Life”. Inspired by the Compendium of Materia Medica, the design is to explore Chinese wisdom and use modern technology to showcase the latest achievements in the application of plants to fight urban pollution and diseases so that visitors will see the gift of nature while walking around in the garden.
The green-colored Children’s Dream Garden is themed on “Cognition, Imagination——Happy Gardening”. Presentations and guides will be used and fairy tale scenes will be presented as a means to disseminate knowledge to children.

The blue-green-colored Science Garden is themed on “Discovery, Exploration, Thinking——Love Nature”. The latest technologies will be used to showcase the wisdom of Mother Nature in the carbon sink garden and multi-sensory garden.

The blue-colored Enterprise Garden is themed on “The Future of the Green Industry” and its layout features “leaf sprout”. Green enterprises will exhibit their advanced low-carbon technologies and lead visitors to a future of technology and dynamism.
The purple-colored International Garden is themed on “World Horticultural Stage” and its layout features “green olive”. The gardens of countries, cities of foreign countries, and international organizations will be presented to show visitors the diversity of foreign gardening cultures.

Beijing Garden.

Experience Area:
The Mountain Garden is built based on the original terrain and abundant vegetation. Standing high in the mountain, it is designed to be a sports center and a natural oxygen bar.

The Tea Garden is themed on “Overflowing Tea Scent, Spreading Tea Culture”. It is designed to promote the tea culture of Qingdao and China. The highlight in the garden is the presentation of high-latitude green tea unique to Qingdao. Visitors may pluck tea leaves and taste tea in the garden so it will be a place for sightseeing and experiencing the tea culture.

The Agriculture Garden is themed on “Back to the Field, Experience Farming”. Scenes of four seasons will be used to showcase the farming culture of Qingdao and Shandong. Visitors will be brought to the fields to experience what farming life is like. Amidst the green mountains, clear water and fragrant fruit trees, people will feel the purity of working in the colorful fields.

The Flower Garden is themed on “A Sea of Flowers”. The natural terraces are used to create three-dimensional visual effects. The highlight is the exhibition of flowers unique to Qingdao and Shandong. The garden will be the place where flowers are reserved and traded.

The Blossom Garden is themed on “One Flower, One World”. It will be mainly reserved for international participants and some spaces will be used for displaying Qingdao’s beer culture. It is integrated with the International Garden by roads, attractions, and functions.

Weihai Garden
Finland Garden, hometown of Santa Claus.

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