Tuesday 30 December 2014

Flower of the Day : Hibiscus


Hibiscus is a genus of flowering plants in the mallow family, Malvaceae.
It is quite large, containing several hundred species that are native to warm-temperate, subtropical and tropical regions throughout the world.
Member species are often noted for their showy flowers and are commonly known simply as hibiscus, or less widely known as rose mallow.
The genus includes both annual and perennial herbaceous plants, as well as woody shrubs and small trees.
The generic name is derived from the Greek word ἱβίσκος (hibískos), which was the name Pedanius Dioscorides (ca. 40–90) gave to Althaea officinalis.

The leaves are alternate, ovate to lanceolate, often with a toothed or lobed margin. The flowers are large, conspicuous, trumpet-shaped, with five or more petals, color from white to pink, red, orange, purple or yellow, and from 4–18 cm broad.
Flower color in certain species, such as H. mutabilis and H. tiliaceus, changes with age. The fruit is a dry five-lobed capsule, containing several seeds in each lobe, which are released when the capsule dehisces (splits open) at maturity.
It is of red and white colours.
It is an example of complete flowers.

To learn more : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hibiscus

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