Friday, 12 December 2014

History - Floralies Gantoises 1913 #2

Horticultural exhibition "Floralies Gantoises", at the Universal Exposition of Ghent (Gand) - Belgium, in 1913...

During World Expo in Ghent 1913, a horticultural palace was built in the Citadel Park. Two Floralies (flower shows) were organized during the Expo.
The horticultural palace covered an area of over 28,000 square meters.
These are azaleas who held a place of honor.
The architecture and the floral arrangement allow to visitors lots of enchanting walks.
The richness and quality of accomplishments were a great emulation between the various Belgian and foreign exhibitors.
Nurserymen exposed to the outside of the building, along the esplanade.
These two flower shows were inaugurated by the royal family.

Horticultural Palace.

Horticultural Palace - Backside

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