Tuesday, 23 December 2014

History - Spain at Venlo Floriade 2012

Floriade 2012 in Venlo. We'll talk about this time a pavilion with much interest, certainly one of the best horticultural pavilion of this Expo, the one of Spain.

Like most of the pavilions of nations, it is in the "Show World Stage", next to Kenya, Ecuador and pavilion of Belgium we visited last week.

An area of ​​560 m², the pavilion and terrace occupy almost all the place. This pavilion is the work of the Cabinet Pulgón and was of course made of materials environmentally friendly.

Some are even recycled materials, such as wood flooring, the planks from old boxes used to transport fruit and vegetables. For this new edition of the Floriade, Spain has chosen a very interesting topic because it is the wonderful biodiversity that characterizes the country!

If the outdoor garden is not very big, it's all happening inside. Then enter!
Spain is characterized by a great diversity of environments, cultivation methods, it's this wealth that expo will show visitors in a manner both playful and enjoyable.

The exhibition is presented at various levels allowing visitors access to basic information and deepen this knowledge with many audiovisual media, but also an approach to discovery a little more tactile.

The pavilion of Spain receives many visitors who spend a lot of time, it's beautiful and it's interesting to learn a lot about what the riches of the land of Spain, productions varied depending on regions ... exciting!

Near the entrance, the pavilion has a small square with benches, allowing families to relax and children to play. A very pleasant visit, congratulations for this achievement.

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