Saturday 9 April 2016

Colorful garden of Italy... at Expo 2016 Antalya !

EXPO 2016 among the participants in Antalya, Italy continues to work to build a 850 square meter garden. Italy Country Commissioner Dr. Aniello Musella, as well as the plants in the garden, many activities will be established by specifying the "famous Italian director of film screenings will also be conferences and workshops. But all of them next to the Italian typical food pizza, pasta and coffee will have the chance," he said.

Turkey's first expo EXPO 2016 in Antalya while the countdown to the opening of the exhibition will open in the pavilion area and excitement at its peak in the country, which will set up the garden. work also continues apace in Italy pavilions. Italian Foreign Trade and Promotion Agency of studies examining over Italy Country Manager and Commissioner Dr. Aniello Musella, received information from the technical team that carried out the work.Study of rapid progress and Italy said they would make the garden ready for opening on April 22, Dr. Musella, Italian famous landscape architect of the gardens and the concept of the project was prepared by Giuseppe Lunard said SERVALLI is designed by Italian architect Marco. Dr. Musella, "Pavilion's design is very simple, yet extremely reflects the Italian style. We organize them will have many amenities. Garden pavilion is the most important part. Inside the pavilion there will be many events", he said.

INTERACTIVE GAMES FOR CHILDRENItaly, the garden will be established as part of the EXPO 2016 Antalya, educational, prepared by Italian experts, it is preparing to host children with didactic and interactive games. Gardening children and families to visit with maps of hiking trails in the garden, plants and be able to obtain information about tree species.Italy Country Commissioner Dr. Aniello Musella pavilion of 130 square meters of event space will include specifying said;"Screening for children will be, because here the kids focus. Famous Italian director will also be film screenings. Conferences and workshops will be in Italy next to them but with all the typical food of pizza, pasta and coffee will find the chance to taste. Children, there will be chocolate. Accompanied by the young university also guide the children outside Italy will organize trips to get to know more closely. "

ALL CROPS were imported from ItalyEXPO 2016 Antalya between cypress trees, lemon trees, bougainvillea and roses kind consisting of one hundred percent said they will join their Italian plants and flowers Dr. Musella, "everything including the plants were brought from Italy. the associations in Italy have a long discussion about it. all plants in Italy will take part in this project, they've grown from their own fields. For example, in Tuscany, a very important center for the production of plants such as Sicily, we brought you here. Currently continues planting, "he said.

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