Saturday 2 April 2016

Last news from Expo 2016 Antalya...

EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency's 41st Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Faruk Celik was in the presidency. Minister of Steel, planned to be completed until April 1, the project and said that completion of the construction works outside the tower. Minister of Steel, reminding ticket sales with campaign will continue until April 23 of "our citizens to obtain tickets within 20 days 10 and $ 20 tickets I want to emphasize once again that they can provide," he said.EXPO EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency Board of Directors at the Ordinary Meeting of the Aksu district of Antalya in 2016 and was held at the Press Center Exhibition Hall VIP. Food, Agriculture and Livestock Minister and the EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency Chairman Faruk Celik, the Secretary-General was greeted by Kazim Aydin and board members.
The Board of Directors makes a field trip in the buggy before the meeting with Minister of Steel and Board members were first visited the Children's Science and Technology Center. Ministers received information by examining the voice and moving dinosaur models placed in front of the steel center. Minister of Steel and his entourage then watched 3D glasses digital film. Minister of Steel and then asking the simulator to see the members of the press who follow him once they got on well with the simulator. Steel Minister then studied the various test areas and earthquake simulator located in the Children's Science and Technology Center.

PROJECT AND WORKS COMPLETEDAs of today, the EXPO 2016 project and Steel Minister said, explaining that completion of the construction works;"All the work has been completed on the outside of the tower. Today I have the opportunity to visit a part. We heard a great satisfaction to see that the whole work should be finished by the end of April 1 as planned. About unfortunately experienced some towers, it was our desire mAdIğImIz problems quickly, but it also has confirmed the company will eliminate about about towards the end of next week. Hopefully next week at the end of the tower, landscaping, we have entered a period where the disposal of the environment problem. Thus, we can easily express the overall project and construction work is finished as outside of the tower. "

47 COUNTRY PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT SIGNEDSteel Minister also informed about the work that the vegetation in the area, a total of 25 thousand trees and shrubs he planted 165 thousand, 365 thousand square meters, said the germination work is done. Participants also shared the latest information on the countries of the Minister of Steel, "there are Participating countries have made agreements in 47 countries. a few others I hope that continuing negotiations in the coming weeks. Thus the belief that we will find we are in 50 countries, "he said. 
650 THOUSAND TICKETS SOLDTicket Campaign in the comments about the Minister of Steel said;"We should start a campaign about the Ticket management decisions we have taken on board. That campaign ended as of today. According to figures 5 and I got the last ticket sold at $ 10 per 650 thousand units, we have seen that no tickets are sold. In the coming period will sell tickets until April 23 as 10 and $ 20. After April 23 and 30, and ticket sales are $ 60, will have taken a new shape. For him, again through you with all citizens of our citizens to obtain tickets in the 20 days 10 and $ 20 tickets I want to emphasize once again that they can provide. "Minister of Steel finally thanked the public media and describing the EXPO 2016 Antalya to spend day and night a success of this international event the Board of Directors.

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