Monday 18 January 2016

History : Turkey at Expo 1935 Brussels

The Administration of Turkish Tobacco Monopoles is represented by Kenan Djemal.
In a very pretty building both modern and oriental spirit, Turkey has exposed most of its production and has tried, using a variety of documents, show how the Turkish civilization was pushed from a few years.
Propaganda is represented by a variety of prints, paintings and photographs.

The interior is full of elegance and freshness; a fountain gushes in the center of a light ceramic flooring. Beautiful woodwork adorn the walls, forming cabinets and showcases.

The main industries are represented, tobacco, wines and liquors and the famous Turkish mineral salts, shining like diamonds.

The history of these industries is raised before the visitor. It can monitor tobacco production since the moment, there are three centuries, when Genoese sailors brought from England to Istanbul leaves of the Nicot's plant to date, where the annual production reached significant digits.

It also outlines the history of other major Turkish industries, Asian soil with rich past. Is it not indeed in Western Asia than older industries were born, including wine ?

Below, the situation of the pavilion of Turkey, opposite the Swiss Pavilion, along the Boulevard Emile Bockstael:

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