Wednesday 13 January 2016

Hungary will set the Ottoman motifs garden at Expo 2016 Antalya

Ottoman period based on history and a long tradition of having Macatis-Turkey relations EXPO 2016 will be opened with Hungary Country Garden will be further strengthened. Central European country of Hungary will take place in the EXPO 2016 with a project, including the Ottoman motifs. Hungary Ornamental Gardening Association President and Country Commissioner Dr. László Orlock project without specifying they were very impressed, "Many times we have participated in the expo, but we get no place in such a large area. We will do our best to represent our country in the best way, "he said.

Participation in the EXPO 2016 in Antalya decision on behalf Hungary, Hungary Ornamental Gardening Association President and Country Commissioner Dr. 5-person delegation led by László Orlock's presidency, in EXPO 2016 Antalya Aksu found in the examination of the Exhibition Grounds.

The delegation was welcomed by the Deputy Secretary General Levent Murat Advisor. Counselor, "EXPO 2016 is very important for us. In our country, will be held for the first time in Hungary are very happy to see us in this project, "he said. The consultant said a thousand 121-acre botanical exhibition in the main showcase is planned as a development project, but all the buildings in the area would be permanent structures.

At the end of the meeting, Deputy Secretary General Levent Murat Advisor guest delegation EXPO 2016 was presented the symbol flower peony. Hungary Ornamental Gardening Association President and Country Commissioner Dr. László Orlock is also consultant for 30 years before going to Hungary from Turkey and the Black Sea origin reclaimed cherry laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) was a gift. Orlock, the purpose of said that to further strengthen the ties between the two countries in agriculture and botany.

The Hungarian delegation leading the field trip after the meeting was given detailed information about the project and country gardens. "Very big and very nice project," he expressed his appreciation to the EXPO 2016 project on the Country Commissioner Dr. Orlock of László said:
"Not just for Asia, a very important project for Europe and even the whole world. If we look at in terms of visitors to the lake, restaurants and activity areas are the most important places. Setup will focus on children in the country garden to the main idea of ​​our project. Children will learn how the past and the future to tell you today. as Turkey and Hungary, we have a common history and we are extremely proud of this historical past. But we have the potential for as many different relations since the two countries will focus on the present and the future. "

Earlier, which also emphasizes what takes place in many expo Orlock in so far that they never take part in such a large area, to be able to represent the best in the country as Hungary said they made the best of their hands.

Hungary Expo 2016 Exhibition Area will be established in the rose garden in the country Father, as the Buda Castle and Mosque of Gazi Kasim Pasha will prepare a project in Hungary, including the Ottoman motifs.

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