Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Gansu Garden: Seeking Ancestral Roots in the Hometown of Fuxi

Which province is the geometric center of China? Where is the birthplace of Fuxi, the ancestor of the Chinese people? Where is the cradle of The Book of Changes? Where did the famous “Battle at Jieting” of the Three Kingdoms period take place? Answers to all of these questions are the same place, Gansu Province. Integrating the Fuxi culture, the Qin culture, the culture of the Three Kingdoms, the Dadiwan culture and the grotto culture, Gansu is a place where you can trace to the source of the Chinese civilization through exploration.

Located in the east of the Chinese Garden, the Gansu Garden is themed “seeking ancestral roots in the hometown of Fuxi”. By presenting the Taiji diagram and the statue of Fuxi together with flowers, plants, rockery, rocks and waterscapes, the garden carries forward the Fuxi culture via modern gardening methods.

Starting from the entrance, the decorated archway, the sculpture with dragon totem, the Bagua Square, the Fuxi sculpture and the human-faced salamander bottle form the central axis of the garden, while winding paths and rocks are deployed on both sides of this axis. Walking along these paths, visitors will come to know the contributions that Fuxi made to humankind in his whole life and learn about Fuxi culture.

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