Monday 6 October 2014

History - China pavilion in Floriade 2012 - Venlo Netherlands

China pavilion...

Continue visiting the Floriade 2012 in Venlo - Netherlands, we cross again the huge and beautiful park area towards the "World Show Stage", to find ourselves in the heart of Asia, China...

With an area of over 1500 square meters, the pavilion of China is one of the largest location of the Floriade 2012. The theme is a blend of ancient traditions and innovations in Chinese horticulture found in this garden and these constructions.

Upon entering, visitors immediately recognize the typical Chinese style. It's a replica of a classical gardens of Suzhou, a very popular tourist attraction. A traditional Chinese architectural style, lotus flowers and other native plants, trees and a series of large lakes characterize these constructions.

We can say that for the visitors, this pavilion is a delight, a haven of peace, as a Chinese enclave in the heart of Europe. Of course, all known codes are represented here, but for the pleasure of eyes and senses.

It may not be the pavilion seems the most innovative, however, it provides many good and beautiful feelings and visitors take a lot of time to visit, why not stroll and relax there.

China wished to participate in the World Horticultural Exposition, partly because the Netherlands is a major trading partner of China. 2012 celebrates 40 years of trade relations between the two countries. Many Chinese business delegations visited during the Venlo Floriade 2012.

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