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History - Expo Tower "Euromast" - Floriade Rotterdam 1960

Floriade Rotterdam 1960
Each Expo must have its own symbol, to keep the image of the event, and to stay an icononic symbol of the city for the next generations.
We discover a few days ago the "Expo Tower" project for Antalya 2016... but do you know the first "Floriade" has had also an Expo Tower ? The Euromast !

It was at Floriade Rotterdam 1960 (The Netherlands), with the Euromast, an observation tower in Rotterdam, designed by Hugh Maaskant constructed between 1958 and 1960.

The Euromast was specially built for the 1960 Floriade, and is a listed monument since 2010. The tower is a concrete structure with an internal diameter of 9 m (30 ft) and a wall thickness of 30 cm (12 in). For stability it is built on a concrete block of 1,900,000 kg (4,200,000 lb) so that the centre of gravity is below ground. It has a "crow's nest" observation platform 96 m (315 ft) above-ground and a restaurant. Originally 101 m (331 ft) in height it was the tallest building in Rotterdam. It lost this position for a while, but regained it when the Space Tower was added to the top of the building in 1970, giving an additional 85 m (279 ft). Euromast is a member of the World Federation of Great Towers.

Height: Architectural 184.6 m / 606 ft
Height: Occupied 103.5 m / 340 ft
Height: To Tip 184.6 m / 606 ft
Height: Observatory 103.5 m / 340 ft
Floors Above Ground 5
# of Elevators 2
Top Elevator Speed 3.9 m/s

To learn more about the Euromast on the Euromast Website :

During the construction.
The restaurant, at the top.

And of course, more informations soon, about this first Horticultural Expo registered by AIPH and BIE ! Stay connected !

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