Saturday, 18 October 2014

Qingdao 2014 - Guangxi Garden Features Dong Drum Tower

In the south of the Chinese Garden, a wooden structure with strong visual touch can be seen from far away. The top is the tower tip shaped as a cluster of gourds, piercing towards the sky; the middle is the pagoda-like body in tiers; eaves in quadrangle has a flying edge in each of its projecting parts, and the tiers of them grow larger and larger from top to bottom; the foot of the tower is a square, surrounded by wide and solid benches for visitors to rest.

This is the famous drum tower, the iconic architecture of Dong villages, located in the Guangxi Garden.

Dong drum towers dated back to the Late Ming and Early Qing Dynasties, and were especially popular in the mid-Qing Dynasty. As the architecture peculiar to the Dong ethnic minority and a symbol of local culture, they are not only the treasure of Chinese architecture but also a sparkling pearl in the world architecture community.

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