Tuesday 14 October 2014

History - The Horticultural Building, Chicago 1893 #1

World's Columbian Exposition - Chicago 1893

The Horticultural Building - It's doubtful if among all the views taken upon the World's Fair grounds one has been secured which in beauty and general interest surpasses that given here. It's from the top of the Government Building looking west over the Wooded Island and commanding the whole splendid frontage of the Horticultural Building, a view which, from the nature of things, could not be gained elsewhere or at a less attitude. The Horticultural Building appears here to a justified advantage. The frontage of the remarkable structure was just one thousand feet and its extreme width two hundred and fifty feet. The plan was that of a central pavilion and two end pavilions, each connected with the center by front and rear curtains forming two interior courts. The magnificient crystal dome roofing the central pavilion was one hundred and eighty-seven feet in diameter and one hundred and thirteen feet high. The cost of the structure was about 300 000 dollars. The style of the architecture followed is designated as the Venetian Renaissance. A sculptural frieze and six single figues are the principal exterior decorations, the frieze with its cupids and garlands and the appropriateness of the statuary completing an effect with scarcely needed such assistance. On the left of the Horticultural Building appears Choral Hall, where were held many famous gatherings, and on the right the White Star Steamer Line Building and beyond it the “Puck” Pagoda. In the distance, outside the grounds, may be seen tall buildings looming up here and there, the World's Fair hotels about which so much as been said and written.

The City of Palaces Album, 1893.

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