Sunday 5 October 2014

History - Horticultural exposition - Lausanne 1904

Switzerland has a long and rich experience of horticultural exhibitions. 

Waldensian Horticultural Society is one of the first to emerge, in 1844, with a first exhibition the following year, in 1845 in Lausanne.
Different cities in the regions organize numerous exhibitions to date.

En1961 the SVH introduced a new label "Flores" as part of its horticultural shows, with a different theme each year.
List of themes Flores since 1961: 
1961 Inauguration of the Establishment of Horticultural Bourdonnette
1962 Flowers, sculptures Milo Martin
1963 Flores and paintings of Paul S├ęchaud
1964 Avian and Exotic Flowers
1965 Flowers and youth
1966 Legends flowers - Sculptures Sandoz
1967 Harvest flowers
1968 Flowers, music and mosaics
1969 In the Land of the Rising Sun
1970 Exhibition at the Comptoir Suisse "50,000,000 flower"
1971 Flores in the Belle Epoque
1972 Flores Thousand and One Nights
1973 Flores in Vaud
1974 Aviary flowering
1975 Flores in the Land of thirteen stars
1976 Flowers in the circumstances of life
1978 Evasion
1980 Flores in Eden
1982 Ways flowering
1984 Flores fanfare
1986 Flores celebrating (20th)
1988 Flores Fil water
1992 Fall Extravaganza
1994 Flores full steam ...
1998 Flores in campaign
2000 Flores through the centuries
2002 Flores in "Crossroads of the World"
2004 Flores in flames
2007 Flores at stake
2011 Children and flowers
2013 Magic Flores

But back to our horticultural Exhibition in Lausanne in 1904, with some illustrative materials, posters and postcards, but alas, no pictures yet ...
to follow.

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